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Looking for Tanzanite

Does anyone out there have or know of a source where I could
purchase a pair of 4x6 emerald cut Tanzanites?

Any would be greatly appreciated!



Dear Richard - I am a retail and manufacturing jeweler. The best
experience I have had with colored stones has been Incon Gems in
NYC. Call 800 directory assistance for their number as I don’t have
it here at home. Ask for Hamand and tell him Bill Reidsema sent
you. They will have the stones you need in a selection of
qualities. Have a happy, Bill Reidsema

HI! Try J. Gregor & Company fine gems and replacement stones,
P.O. Box 464, Pewaukee, WI 53072, Ph. 414-691-1400, ask for Jay and
tell him Pat Topp sent you. He is the largest colored stone dealer
in the Mid-West, AND his quality is beyond good. Prices are
accordingly, but quality is always top. Pat

Another good supplier for colored stones is Greg Fisher at Gem
Sources. Nice people! They will really bend over backwards to help
you. Call them at 1-800-458-2393

You’re welcome.

Happy Trading,

:slight_smile: Charles

speaking of tanzanite,when will the repairs on that cave in be

Sincerely:Matthew Johnson

I am in search of a rather large Tanzanite. An 10x8 in either
cushion, oval or emerald cut. The stone I am replacing was not of
the highest quality, so anyone have a source I should check?
Thanks, Janine in way to hot Redding, CA