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[Looking for] Tack pins w/dangle loop

I’ve gotten involved in a project to help make decorative closures
for the ladies gowns for a choir with which I perform. The gowns have
a false coat front that is held closed with a hook & eye. The dress
committee wants a closure made of faux pearl buttons that can be
pinned onto each side of the false coat front, and they want a short
length of faux pearl chain to drape between the two pearl buttons. My
job, as the only committee member with jewelry making experience
is to come up with the parts and assemble approximately 75
these wonderous things.

I’m having problems finding what I need to make such an item. I’m
seeking a tie tack or scatter pin in base metal, with no larger than a
14mm pad, with some sort of loop to hang a dangle or drop (the loop
needed to attach the pearl chain neatly to the pin). Can anyone point
me toward a source for such a thing? I’ve been unable to find anything
like this on my own.

Thanks in advance,
Kathy Johnson