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[Looking for] Supplier for anticlastic raising

Can anyone tell me where a can find a supplier for tools for
anticlastic raising? Having trouble finding a cross peen hammer and
sinusoidal stake.


I’m not sure where to get these supplies, but I can tell you how to
make your own stake for a lot cheaper. Buy a small round bezel
mandrel, and clamp the fat end into a vise. Using your torch, heat
an area about two thirds of the way up the mandrel (towards the fat
end) until it’s red hot. Hold a piece of cut off metal pipe(or
other non-valuable, sturdy metal tube) with pliers, slide it over
the skinny end of the pipe until just before the red hot area, and
use it to bend the mandrel the desired amount (35 degrees?). Move
the torch flame down an inch or two or wherever you want the next
bend, and heat that area to red hot. Bend the mandrel in the
opposite direction. Repeat this until you reach the end of the
mandrel. You can make deeper or shallower bends as you go for a
surface variety. I’ve found this works best with two people, one to
hold the torch, and one to do the bending. You don’t want the torch
on the metal while bending. Good Luck,

Michelle B.

Hi Bob; As per your question . . . Why not call either Koka
Metalsmiths at 507-643-7946 ( or
Allcraft at 800-645-7124($6 for their catalog). Either of these
companies will have what you need.

David L. Huffman


I’m in the process of making a few anticlastic/sinusoidal stakes out
of carbon-infused delrin. Contact me off list if you are interested.

–Sherry Terao
Jewels By Design