Looking for stamping systems

I can HIGHLY recommend David Shelton of Shel-Tech, (505) 256-7073.
Address 4207 Leas SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108. He is a joy to work
with and can do anything for you. The fine folks at Rio Grande gave
me his name when I bought my Bonny Doon press and I realized the
work involved in making stamping blanks was not something I was
equipped to do. David will make blanks AND do the stamping for you,
all for a reasonable price.


Donna Blow
dzines by donna

Hi Moss, Contact Dar at Sheltech. He makes amazing dies at very
reasonable prices. He will also do the stamping for you, if you like.
Contact him at sheltech@webtv.net. His website is
http://www.sheltech.net. If you take a look at the discussion group
at http://www.bonnydoonengineering.com, you will find out more about