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Looking for small burnishers


Hi all, I need your help locating some fantastic burnishers.

I bought an estate of a hobbyist jeweler who had a tool collection
the likes of which few have seen. Amidst the pile of burnishers
were two small ones that are just FANTASTIC! I want to find who
sells them,

They were, I believe, commercially made It has been a big surprise
to discover that they have not been in the catalogues I have checked.

The first one is 15 mm long, 2 mm wide and thin, with a curve on
the tip.

The second is 10 mm long, 2 mm thick, and tapered at the tip to
reach tight places.It is about 5 mm at the widest points. It is V
shaped, much like an arrowhead. It has a fat, round mahogany
handle, well shaped to fit in the hand, tapering at both ends of it,
Good grip shape.

They are so good, I use them almost exclusively. Other jewelers who
have seen them have always commented and raised their eyebrows in that
special way that says, ‘‘Got more?’’ I WISH!!!

Anyone know anything about these two little work horses?

Thanks soooo much… Frif


I have made burnishers similar to this using old triangle files.
Anneal the file, grind, file, polish to desired shape. Heat end to
bend curve on end if wanted. Harden in oil quench, polish
Temper to straw yellow, polish