Looking for silver tubing

When I come up with a question of resources in the Jewelry Trade, I
bow humbly at THE SOURCE of all useful …Orchid.

Does one of you wonderful people know where I can buy sterling tubing
with an inside diameter of 15mm, OR 16mm?

I could make it myself, but it will be much easier to buy it ready

Thank you,
David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings

Dear David, Take a look at Myron Toback’s catalogue, p. 48. They
have a great selection of tubing and I believe if you need something
they don’t stock, they will fabricate it for you. Never done that,
but could be a big time saver. Not sure how tubing is catalogued on
their website, but worth a try: www.myrontoback.com Phone:
1-800-223-7550. Usual disclaimer, but a happy customer!

Kay Taylor


Metilliferous in NYC carries a wonderful selection of different
types and diameters of sterling silver tubing.

Jennifer Friedman