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[Looking for] Show booths

I plan to sell at several retail shows this fall and am in the
process of putting my booth together. I’m looking for a 10’ x 10’
booth – one of the ones that’s fairly easy to put up and take down.
Also, I need display cases. There were several exhibitors at the SF
ACC show with cases made from small diameter metal poles clipped to
sheets of glass or acrylic. These display cases looked as if they
could be taken apart and easily moved.

If anyone knows a source for buying or renting this equipment, I’d
appreciate your giving me a lead.

Mary Jo Morris

Hi Mary Jo and Jim There is a used EzyUp and display stands for sale

George Hebner

Arizona Case is a good source for cases that are easily re-assembled.
Their website is


JoAnna Kelleher, owner
Pearl Exotics Trading Company, LLC

I think the system you are looking for inside the booth is maybe the

This is just the first site I ran across that had them. I have a
friend who uses one she packs in a big hard side samsonite suitcase
with plexi shelves and takes it on planes. Takes a while to set up but
breaks down very small.

For the tent check the Orchid archives. This is a topic we have
covered quite thoroughly lately.


Hi Mary Jo Jim, I think what you are talking about is a display system
called ABSTRACTA. I have a whole bunch of chrome plated poles, clips
and accessories that I used for a huge booth I took to the shows for
several years. I also have about 60 walnut panels (about 15x150 that I
used in the display. if you or anyone else is interested do let me
know off line so that we may work out a fair arrangement. Thanks,
Etienne Perret Designing Colored Diamond Jewels
@etienne_perret 20 Main St Camden, Maine USA 04843
tel.+207.236.9696 fax.+207.236.9698 <

Mary Jo and Jim - Set a budget for how much you want to invest in
your first display.

The most economical tent is borrowed, next is from Sams - an EZ up
with walls for about $275, and you do need a 4th wall. Last is one
of the pretty dome tents like the Showoff from New Venture in Florida

And for display cases, the first ones I used were folding tables with
juryrigged cases on top. Better is the Allstate cases that fold up
or Abstracta - the ones with the little tubes and glass or plexi
sides - but they are time consuming to set up, and heavy to move.
Better are the cases from Dynamic Display Systems -

I’d recommend going easy on the budget to start - outdoor shows are
hard and not everybody has the stamina and temperament to do
You work all winter and spring making stuff, then during the week in
the summer, selling each weekend. It’s intense.

However, not all the customers see the real story. One day a man and
his son walked into the booth. The man said to his son - “This is
what lazy people do - they only work on the weekend.” I wonder where
he thought the jewelry came from? No - I didn’t deck the idiot, but
I wanted to.

Judy Hoch, G.G.

One comment regarding the EZ-up canopy. I used one for 4 years . . .
last year, during a very heavy rain, I learned my lesson. Ordered a
LiteDome (cost me a bundle, but it will be worth it in the long run.)

After that rainstorm, my feet were orange for months (the leather
loafers were soaked and the die leaked.)

Ok, I messed up, New Venture canopies are found at
Their canopy is called the Showoff - and is sold directly by them and
by a broker - you can find either by a Google search for “Showoff
canopy”. It has a zillion options for all different kinds of
displays, including skylight, air vent, overhang etc.

And Dynamic displays are in 2932 Via Loma Vista, Escondido CA 92029.
Phone is 800-928-7637, e-mail is listed as

Mary, If you are in the Bay Area, the Abstracta representative is
Julia Warner at 1-800-223-7315. I am doing my first wholesale show in
July and I ordered a “kit” from Abstracta. I really like the
versatility of the system. Orders take about 3 weeks so you’ll need to
plan ahead. Ask for a catalog with the stock designs for jewelers.
These are kits that come with all the extras and connectors (about
$400 without the plexi and about $600 with it). You will probably want
to order extra connectors and spare pieces. Julia was very helpful in
walking me through my first order. Mine is due to arrive on Monday and
I can’t wait to play with it! I also ordered halogen lights for inside
the cases from These are about $60 each.

Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry