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[Looking for] Rhino Training

Hi. I am looking for beginning and advanced training in Rhino. Can
anyone give recommendations for a good course in Rhino specifically
for jewelry design? Any response would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Carol

Carol, You might call Dana Buscaglia, she’s a free lance jewelry
designer, very versed in intricacies of RHINO software. Call her @ 212
734-5939. She is also involved with the Jewelry Design Professional
Network, who are responsible for Rhino classes at FIT. Jack Van Dell

Dear Carol I’m find your from the Orchid list today. I new
to the jewelry design.I use CAD/CAM to design/make jewelry. But I
donot use Rhino Some design for your reference,I think you will like
it.If possible,Iwould like to see you response . Best regards, Figo Lai

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