Looking for "Pretty Polish"

Hello to all you good people. You have helped me in the past more
than you can know, as I lurk all the time. Now I am looking for a
type of polish that we use to polish Keith’s hand-made marbles. Our
prior source is no longer in business and we are in need of more of
this very excellent polish that comes from Australia. The prior
supplier listed it this way: “MIRROR FINISH POLISH, AUSTRALIA -
Called Pretty Polish by some Australians. A clean, fine polishing
powder that has been found to do a beautiful polishing job on many,
many stones. It also gives a superb finish when used as a tumbling
polish, either wet or dry.” And they were telling the truth! If
anyone knows of another source for this material, we would greatly
appreciate your assistance, either on line or by direct email.
Thanks for all of your help, both past and future. And Happy
Valentine’s Day to all.

Keith and Ann Berger
Round Rocks Etc
Great Hand-Made Marbles!
765 E. First Ave.
Colville, WA 99114