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[Looking for position] Orlando, FL area

Now residing in the Orlando, FL area, I am a GJG (GIA), currently
working for the Mouse. I would like to get back into what I have
trained for and be able to earn enough to pay my normal monthly bills
without having to work 50+ hours a week standing in one spot talking
on a microphone or getting a reprimand for requesting a guest to not
do something that they are going to get hurt doing. We are always
wrong there when in a conflict with a guest, however we have
excellent health insurance. I currently work 4 to 5, 10 to 14 hour
days a week there. I can drop down to 3 days a week and still keep my

My strengths are sales particularly to men and executive women, with
frequent add ons. I do excellent bead stringing and knotting,
designing custom orders and can explain with ease as to why a
specific style mounting will or will not be suitable for them or why
it needs more repairs than it first appears to need. I am also able
to do bench work, but my weakness is doing pave settings.

My late husband and I had a small shop for over 20 years - minerals,
fossils, gemstones and jewelry. We also did juried artisan
festivals, craft shows, and gem & mineral shows in a 5 state area for
over 35 years. I am willing to consider a part time position until
insurance kicks in, or full time with a salary that will cover health
insurance premiums.

Now for those companies that grow I also have my degrees
in Chemistry, minors in Engineering, Tech. Writing, Mathematics. My
Independent Research project was Temperature and Chemical Effects on
Crystal growth. Yes, I would relocate for the right position!

J. Shaw