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Looking for platinum caster


I am looking for someone to cast platinum from wax. Links for chains. I’ve searched the archives but it seems it’s been like 20 years and the referenced links are dead.

Thank you


Golden Sun Mfg. The best I know.

The place we use is TechForm Advanced Casting, out of Portland, Oregon. They’re really kind of the industry leaders in pt casting technology.

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Thank you!

Yup. Techform. Best plat casters out there. They are really high tech and do really smooth castings. Also it’s really worth your while to pay the extra fee to have your castings hipped. Especially if you are going to make links that will need to be bent open and closed.
Full disclosure… My husband Timothy Green and I have used them for plat casting for over 30 years. We have even helped them with some of their experiments over the years. . When after 40 years at the bench Tim’s hands started to go bad he went to work for them. He’s the lead of the wax/ pattern dept. there.