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Looking for Platinum Advice

Hi Everyone,

I’ve come up with a recent problem when welding platinum, I thought
you folks might be able to explain. I’ve been getting pits in the
joints of welds, this was not a problem until recently and I can’t
figure this one out. It’s been working with heavy rings stamped 950
PLAT. I never had a problem with 900plat/10%iridium. We get our sizing
stock from Rochester Findings, but I don’t know what the quality is,
could that be it? Should I be using 999 Platinum for welding? If I’m
sizing down, I usually don’t have a problem because I use the piece I
cut out for the welding material.I haven’t changed anything else in my
procedure.(that I’m aware of) Any Ideas would be welcome, BTW I’m not
new to jewelry, I been riding a bench for 15 years and this is driving
me nuts.


Hi Dean, It’s very simple. The solder joint is dirty. You have to
keep your piece clean. I always steam clean the joint before I weld.

Plat 950 is 95 plat probably 5 cobalt. It does tarnish slightly wit
hheat, is slightly magnetic, and has a lower me;tim point by about 50
degrees F. That might be part of the problem. A.J.