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Looking for mabe pearls

I’ve been looking fro a pair of 19mm mabe pearls. Any one have any

Bruce D. Holmgrain

dear Mr. Holmgrain in answer to your request ,I do have a few dozen
Mabe Pearls sitting around,the largest I have is 17mm though,and the
material that I have is in two qualities/colors.if intrested contact
me at

atelier Babikian

Bruce try Shogun Trading co. 800-458-8004. I have had good luck with
them in the past for large Mabe pearls. Frank Goss

The best source I’ve seen for Mabe pearls is New York Jewelry Mart
Corp. (26 W. 46th St., NY – 2 doors down from Metalliferous).
They specialize in pearls of all shapes, sizes, and flavors and have
wonderful coral as well. They are one of the few suppliers that has
a huge range of blister pearls, too, some pre-edged in gold and

They also have gemstone beads ranging from semiprecious to truly
lovely precious.

Phone is 212-575-9701 or 800-342-0026. Email

Usual disclaimer = just a satisfied customer.

Karen Goeller

Hi Mr. Bruce D. Holmgrain, Re: 19mm. Mabe pearl, it is rare item in
Japan too. Maybe you can try H.S.Strygler & Co., Yonmier, or Pearl
City in NY. Also D’Elia and Sastoloni may have them.

Yasu Matsuda
e-mail: @kobe-precious-pearl

We are one of the best sources for mabe pearls from 8.5mm to 23mm
from very commercial to finest quality.
Please call 800 kris gems