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Looking for lesson plans

[Hoping that the second time will be a charm…]

Hello, Jot – Perhaps it would be helpful if you were to specify
which jewelrymaking processes you plan to cover. Do you have the
facilities and equipment to teach them hard-soldering? Do you have
enough hammers and pliers so that they can practice forging and wire
shaping? Will you

teach them sawing, bezel-setting, chasing, etching, repousse,

die-forming, etc., etc. With what metals would you plan to work?
If these are high school students, I doubt that any of the usual
processes are beyond them (if they are willing to work).

Also, I assume you would take them on a field trip to see how the
metalworkers of India do these processes. There’s a lot of
interesting metalworking that goes on in India – I don’t if any of
such places are near Amritsar.

All the best, Judy Bjorkman