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Looking for job in jewelry

Hello folks, If you are still interested in a new jeweler, here is a
brief bio of me. I currently do tech support for, but
spent 7 years in college learning metalsmithing and jewelry making. I
have a BA degree in art, and then got several years of experience
repairing and making jewelry. I can provide references from the shops
I worked with. My strength is in advanced repairs, although I can do
wax work, fabrication, and stonesetting.I am somewhat weak in advanced
stone setting,but spent a great deal of time completely dismantling
and rebuilding ringsets and chains,etc.I can also cast, do plating,
draw designs,provide excellent customer service, and more. Although I
have been only doing PC work for two years,I still have my hand tools
& flex shaft tool, and now, lots of PC skills,including some
knowledge of web page design and web graphics creation. The chance to
live in New Zealand sounds like a great opportunity. Let me know if
you are still interested in another jeweler, and I will provide any
personal and references
you require. Thanks, Tom Hyers