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Looking for jeweler in SF


Hi there,

My mom has some jewelry needs that I’m hoping one of you Bay Area
Orchid folks might be able to satisfy. She’s hoping to replace a
missing diamond (there’s just a hole there now…it’s an old family
bauble fragment so no idea what it used to look like or what happened
to the stone) on a smallish teardrop-shaped platinum piece. She would
like to use a diamond from a ring she has, and bezel set it into the
teardrop (not sure why or if that’s even possible, but that’s what
she said!) piece.

She did take it to a jeweler for a quote, but I thought I’d see if
there were local Orchid folks who might be able to help. If so,
please zap me an email!

Thanks in advance,
Jessica, all typed out in San Francisco