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Looking for inspiration for new tool set

Hey there everyone,

Recently was able to acquire a dapping set with a swage plate/form block. I have a few ideas I can use it for, but looking to see some picture of what everyone here creates with these tools.

Feel free to show off and brag, I’m looking for new ideas on how to utilize this to its fullest potential!


Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 4.15.48 PM

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Your tool set looks fantastic. I do not have the trough option on mine, only the cube. For my items, I have included from the very simple to just a bit more complicated. There is a vast array of in between.! I make art jewelry one of a kind. Enjoy your set.E-188 Rays_edited|500x500

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My favorite trick for making jump rings perfectly smooth, round and tightly closed is to smack them into a dapping block.


Nice! I only have the hemispherical block, I’m starting to think I need the one for making u-bends too at some point.

My use of the set certainly isn’t ground-breaking, but what I’ve found is that it doesn’t need to be. Any design that would look good flat will probably look exponentially better in three dimensions. Here are a couple of favorites.

And now I’m off to go do some “small business Saturday” posts and try to convince people that the shopping rule this year is “the earlier the better, seriously don’t try your luck”.


Thanks for the pictures and tips so far, keep em coming!

@jhaemer52 Solid tip about the jump rings, gonna try that one out tomorrow.


Very interested to know your technique used to get the design onto the domed circles like that! Mind sharing your process on these guys? (Not looking to copy! Just curious!)

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Those were from my first foray into etching! It was fun and easy. I used a rubber stamp and embossing powder (from a craft store scrapbook aisle) to make the resist, melted that with my toaster oven (heat gun works too but can be slow going on a bigger piece), coated the back and sides with acrylic paint, then dropped it in ferric chloride for an hour in hot weather. I cut the circles out with my saw, but I suppose a disc cutter would also work. Then anneal again and dome. I had been concerned that the force required to dome the brass might distort the image, but it was fine. This is 20g sheet and I let it etch pretty deep, and I think that’s probably a good way to start if you plan to form the etched piece after. I don’t know if etching a piece that was already formed makes any difference, but getting the design on would be an issue for me so I default to etching flat.


I call these domed lunas. I work with reticulated silver primarily. @jhaemer52, I’m also going to try your tip about the jump rings. Thank you! @ellenlyonsjewelry