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[Looking for] Info about Clasps

Hi Folks, I must be a glutton for punishment, but I’m thinking about
trying to make a clasp mechanism for a special necklace I’m making. In
perusing my library, I find little on the subject. A
little here, a tidbit there. Does anyone have a favorite book or
resource that contains good coverage on this matter? Still digging,
but hoping there’s a treasure trove out there I haven’t yet

It probably isn’t too late to talk me out of this… :wink:

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Charles Lewton-Brain has a great book out on clasps and hinges. I
would check that one out.–Vicki Embrey

making a clasp? what kind of clasp? did you check McCreight’s
"Complete Metalsmith"…he includes a couple of pages of examples of
different types of clasps…i make my own hook and eye clasps (a
relatively simple one)…you might be surprised at how easily a clasp
is made :slight_smile: erhard.

Dave, Have you read Tim McCreight’s book? The Complete Metalsmith? It
contains some good examples for basic clasps. But after you have made
a couple I’d recommend coming up with your own “signature” clasp.
Something to make people who look at is say “Oh, Dave made this”

Ed Colbeth
San Diego
Metalsmith/Computer Geek

when the subject is clasps (which are esentially conectors), you may
want to look outside of the jewelry industry for inspiration. think
openly as well as practically about the subject. for instance, since
whatever works on a large scale will also work in a smaller form.
Ideas are what is important. stretch your thinking, the possibilities
will overflow, then reduce and distill the knowlege. GOLD LUCK!


dave - tim mccreight’s book on metalworking - or just about any of the
books by bovin, wicks, untracht, von neumann, choate - but here’s
what i do for any unusual design need: sit down with a stack of
tracing paper & a .3 mechanical pencil & awake brain. work out a
design (with exact dimensions) & go to it. remember that old oriental
truism: ‘what a foolish man seeks, he looks for in others; what a
wise man seeks, he looks for within himself.’ good luck -


Dave, “Professional Goldsmithing” by Alan Revere, has several
varieties of clasps. The projects are well illustrated, with very
accurate and easy to follow instructions. ISBN # 0-442-23898-3.
Available from the Revere Academy (415) 391-4179 .

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist @Michael_David_Sturli

Michael Sturlin Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA

Try The Complete Metalsmith by Tim Mc Creight. He has a pretty
comprehensive selection of clasps from hook-and-eye arrangements to
box clasps, hinged clasps and screw-type clasps. Once you learn the
principle you can add your own embellishments to make your clasp
unique. …Dee