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[Looking for] Inexpensive to size a ring

Hi, I am looking for an inexpensive way to size a ring so that it
will go over a large knuckle and still fit snug. Thanks, Jackie

Hello, thanks to all for sharing your experience and expertise!
Everything I know I learned from someone else who was willing to

Jackie, where I work we install “sizing beads” or a spring inside a
ring to help with the fit for a person with large knuckles who doesn’t
want to spend the money for an expansion band. The sizing beads are
nothing more than beads made of the same metal as the ring (gold or
silver just melted into a ball) and soldered inside the ring. Position
the beads at 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock. The beads should be about 2 to
2 1/2 mm in diameter and polished nicely so they don’t scratch as they
go under the knuckle. They work by creating friction between the ring
and the finger so the ring no longer spins.

The spring is also made from metal the same as the ring and the same
width of the ring which has been rolled out to about .25-.50 mm
thickness; not so thin to be sharp. Don’t anneal in order to keep the
"spring" in the spring. Shape it to almost match the curve of the
inside of the ring and solder one end of the spring inside the shank
at about 7 o’clock position. It looks like a ) inside the ring
extending from 7 o’clock to about 2 o’clock. Again, polish and smooth
so it doesn’t scratch. The spring will open, move over (hard to
explain) to the inside of the shank when pushed over the knuckle and
spring back to grip the finger once over the knuckle.

Sometimes we have to size the ring up a quarter of a size or so, so
the customer can get it over their knuckle with the new addition of
beads or spring inside the shank.

I have also done a full spring that looks like a horseshoe inside
the shank and is soldered right at 6 o’clock. This is for very
arthritic knuckles and the ring must be sized up to accomodate the
spring. We charge $20 to put any of these in your basic 14kyg ring. If
your customer doesn’t like them you can unsolder or grind them
out, no harm done. Good Luck. Sharon

Jackie, Don’t know what kind of ring etc, but there was a long thread
a few months ago on this subject. All said and done, the one
suggestion that I have also used many times in the past, was to solder
in ‘sizing balls’. Discussions on this technique can be found in the
Orchid Archives.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry. @coralnut.