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Looking for industry news

I am trying to find some documentation on our retail trade showing
strong growth, or anything positive/good news. I am writing a
business plan to open a store and trying to get all the additional
I need for this portion. If anyone can point me in a
direction that would be great. I have been taking things out of JCK,
Modern Jeweler, etc… just did not know if anyone had some links for
some web stuff.

Thank you,
Britten Wolf


I don’t have much additional but someone just gave me
really good advice vis a vis financing and general business doings
right now: wait til after the election to seek financing! I never
realized it, but there are extreme financial jitters surrounding
major elections (Wall Street on down to the pocketbooks of regular
customers–especially those who buy luxury goods; in an unscientific
poll of friends who work broadly in such industry, such as a Lexus
dealer and a high-end clothing store, their sales numbers right now
reflect this).


Look into Jewelers of America, JA, they put out a Cost of Doing
business survey each year and it is invaluable for this type of

  Jewelers of America (JA) is the national association for the
  retail jeweler. JA is both a center of knowledge for the
  jeweler and an advocate for professionalism and high social,
  ethical, and environmental standards in the jewelry trade. The
  JA mission is to assist all members in improving their
  business skills and profitability. JA will provide access to
  meaningful educational programs and services, leadership in
  public and industry affairs, and encourage members with common
  interests to act in their and the industry=92s best interests. 

Sam Patania, Tucson