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Looking for help making my pieces

Aloha, I’m looking for someone(s) to help me with making my
One of a kind gold gemstone pieces. How have others expanded their production beyond their own capability. I’m making everything myself now but I’d love to have someone kind and conscious assisting me. What challenges, red flags, scenarios and agreement terms should I look out for in other people’s experience.


Hi Mandi! Wow - beautiful stuff!! I am a total novice but one thing that I’ve noticed in the process of having hundreds of charms cast for my jewelry is that many casting services also offer other services as well…CAD, casting, finishing, stone setting, etc. Many are complete jewelry services and seem to offer whatever job needs to be done. I would try googling “jewelry services” and see what pops up! Good luck!

Thank you Melissa! I didn’t know they did stone setting💗