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[Looking for] Equipment for lost wax casting

Hello I am new to this list and also fairly new to jewlery making, I
am having a hard time finding a place to by equipment for lost wax
casting in New Jersey. Does anyone have suggestions. Thank you.

Lost wax casting can be bought in Spring Valley, NY phone no is 800
221 4812.

vulcanizers, wax injectors, flasks furnaces etc. Most of the dealers
in New York will ship by UPS too. If you need more info please
contact Ashraf 212 221 6088.

There may be used equipment too.

regards Kenneth

Try Grobet USA in Carlstadt, NJ, 800-847-4188. If you live in New
Jersey you can’t be too far from New York City. There are numerous
places there to purchase casting and all other equipment. If you need
some names mail me off list.

Joel Schwalb

you can also try J. Eisinger Company. the telephone number is
1-800-282-1980 they are in Newark, New Jersey. and ask for my friend
Roger Greene, and say you were contacted by Gerry Lewy in Toronto,
Canada. He’s the president and owner! gerry, the cyber-setter,eh!