Looking for diamond

I have two “odd” diamonds that I am looking for, but having a hard
time finding.

I have a client who has an antique ring with a chipped diamond. I
need to replace the damaged stone (along with some other repairs). I
am looking for a Mine-cut diamond, SI 1 or better, H color or

I have another client who requires a 4mm round diamond, SI 1 or
better, H color or better, that will display a “Hearts and Arrows
pattern” when viewed through the scope. I can’t imagine that this
would be certified, but a good Ideal cut may show this pattern.

Can anyone on this list supply a stone(s) like this, or can you
recommend a supplier?


Douglas Zaruba
35 N. Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701
301 695-1107

Doug, I may be able to help you on the old mine cut diamond, but
you’ll need to post the size wanted.

As for the hearts and arrows - marketing, marketing, marketing. We
have a store in town who markets that “brand” of diamond, but I
haven’t seen any of them. Next up, the “slings and arrows of
outrageous fortune” diamonds…

Mike Rogers
Precious Metal Arts


Have a look at http://www.oldeuropeandiamonds.com/index.html Maybe he
can help you with an old mine cut.