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Looking for "diamond papers"?

Greetings all, I’m looking for “diamond papers”. I’m not sure if
that’s the correct name, but they’re papers lined with some type of
tissue paper that fold into a neat little ‘envelope’ for storing
stones. I must not have the name right, because I’m "Googled out"
and I still can’t locate a source or pricing.

The last time I purchased any was almost a decade ago, and I recall
them being quite pricey. Is there some reason for tthe high cost?
(treated paper?).

Rock On,
Kristi Stutt

Stuller carries diamond papers in the display catalog… Blue on
blue, blue on white, white, white… as well papers for sapphire,
opals, ruby and emeralds.

looking for "diamond papers". 

try 1-800-4-KASSOY (1-800-452-7769) ext 235 Toll Free

Hiya Kristi, There’re actually a couple of answers to your question,
but the first one you need to be asking yourself is “What quality
level do I need?” If you want your papers (usually referred to as
"stone papers") for storage, and if you’re primarily using them for
redistribution of stones cut by others (i.e. commercially cut
goods), I’d highly recommend you give Kenneth Singh a call at 46
Jewelry Supply in NYC – (212) 221-6088. (I don’t think they’re
listed on his <> site, but I’ve ordered them from
him as recently as last season, and they do well for many jobs. For
better quality (i.e. heavier outer paper), you might try giving
Tevel at Allcraft (also in Manhattan) a call – @ 1-(800) 645-7124,
since hhis price:quality ratio is always ‘tops’! As for your
comments on the expense of these? No matter what quality level you
choose, the fact remains: somebody’s still got to fold 'em, right?
Labor is labor, no matter how basic it may be.

For what it’s worth, the best quality papers I’ve seen have
consistently been those imported from Thailand, where at least one
company uses a heavy, patterned outer paper, somewhere between the
densities of wallpaper and heavy gift wrap. While this may seem like
overkill to some, the use of it enables the storage of large parcels
of mellee (‘side stones’) or melange lots, up to several hundred
carats. Again, it all depends on your needs; define them, and the
rest’ll all fall into place. Hope this has been helpful for you,

All my best,
Douglas Turet
Turet Design
P.O. Box 162
Arlington, MA 02476
Tel. (617) 325-5328
eFax (928) 222-0815