Looking for designer suppliers for our new directory

Hello all!

We’re the Jeweler’s Resource Bureau and we are a
publishing/marketing company specializing in the designer jewelry
segment. We help your business grow with and insight.

We’re coming out with a new book in the spring called the
Designer’s Resource Directory and it will contain hundreds of
sources for supplies, products and services needed by the
designer community.

Many of our clients have shared their favorite sources with us
so we wanted to open it up to all Orchid Members. We’ve already
got hundreds but we don’t want to miss out on an important

If you’d like to contribute - photographers, printers, books,
consultants, events, tools, supplies, displays - whatever comes
to mind…just email the info to us and we will send you a
FREE copy of the Directory when it’s ready.

We also publish the Designer’s Annual Planning Guide - a 68
page marketing guide - and the 1999 edition is ready to ship.
Email me if you want us to fax you an orderform, too.

Thank you for your help.
Looking forward to helping you!

Cindy Edelstein
Jeweler’s Resource Bureau
email: franklyCin@aol.com
fax: 914-738-0096

Hi Cindy, I would like to be included in your Designer’s
Resource Directory ! In addition to my own designer line (almost
all one-of-a-kind) I am a lapidary who always cuts more stones
than he needs. freeforms are the rule although sometimes I do
calibrate. A service I do for other designers is to cut stones to
fit an existing setting (new design or replacement stones in
damaged pieces). Also, contract cutting of clients own rough.My
inventory is very diverse, mostly aquired at gem shows or
personally collected - including opal, jaspers, sugilite, agates,
charoite, turquoise, sunstone, pietersite, chrysoprase,
moldavite, colo. petrified wood, fire agate, and more (far too
many to list here) as well as many colors of druzy stones. (all
natural) If you need any more info please e-mail me . Also send
me an order form for your Designer’s Annual Planing Guide.
(sorry, no fax machine yet) thanks,

  Mark Ruby
  1555 Arikaree Dr.
  Loveland, CO    80538

Hello Cindy Perhaps my small company might fit in one of your
categories.We specialize in high quality silver,gold and
Bronz/Brass finished castings for designers who have their own
line and wish to mass produce their designs Most finished pieces
we do are highly hand polished to a mirror shine and have some
stones in them.We have a small line of Racecar jewelry on our
website and that is the name of the company as well. My casting
experience Dates back to1968 and includes having taught mold
making and casting at the Jewelry Institute of RI(closed) and
Consulting in the Lost wax field which i still do. Sincerely,
Daniel Grandi RaceCar Jewelry Co. PO Box 10327 Cranston, RI 02910
Tel/fax:401-461-7803 Email : sales@racecarjewelry.com Web: