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Looking for crystal Briolets

I have a customer who has asked me for a pair of earrings and a
pendant made with colorless crystal teardrops. I believe what she is
wanting are leaded cut glass briolets. Does anyone know where I can
find this item.

John Wade
Wade Designs


You can get quartz briolettes from Fire Mountain Gems at their

Their prices are actually pretty resonable. I use a lot of their
products for compomnents.

Help others make informed buying decisions with Fire Mountain Gems. We
welcome your opinions and experiences with their products, ordering,
customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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Hope this helps you.
The Ginger Tree

Hello John,

I recently ordered briolettes from Rio Grande. They have briolettes
in both CZ and Swarovsky crystal. Check their catalog.

Hope this helps,
Judy in Kansas

Try a place in Seattle called Rhinestone Rosies…


Both Rio and Fire Mountain carry crystal briolettes. Swarovski makes
some really gorgeous briolettes, and they come in one size for
earrings, and a matching larger size for necklace pendants. You can
get them with a sort of irridescent finish or plain. I have used them
(think I got mine from Fire Mountain), and been quite pleased with
the result, as have my customers.

Beth in SC

You can go to some flea markets and auctions and look for old lamps
we take the lead crystals from them and toss the lamps :slight_smile: We got a
great lot of smoky crystals just a month ago but clear are by far the
most prevailant. They are already pre-drilled to hang and come in
anything from small 1/2 inch in length to monster crystals of 4

If they look dull it is ok smoke and filth from decades comes off
quite well with glass cleaner.

An American Cameo Artist

Check out they have crystal briolets - and I
find their prices are generally lower than the other suppliers

I’ve been buying from them for several years and they have very good
service and are nice to deal with. No affiliation etc.


I know you specifically mentioned “crystal” briolettes, but before
you finish your quest, please visit Orchid member, Steve Green’s
website, No affiliation, I’ve just been
reading the Orchid list for a few years and have visited his website
from time to time.