Looking for contract casting & finishing

Looking for a shop doing high quality piece work to cast and finish
sterling silver designs from our Berkshire Collection. Small runs.
Will supply molds or rough castings. www.rwwise.com click on gem &
jewelry gallery then Berkshire collection.

Visit our online gallery: www.rwwise.com

Hi Richard Our factory is located in Guatemala City ( Central
America). We produce in gold and/or silver. You can see a sample of
our goods at www.silbers.com We can take care of entering the goods
for you via Houston and then FedEx them to you. If you are coming to
the JA - show in N. Y., our Booth 2040-2042 (Jan 26-28). What is a
small run? You can contact me off line so I can get you a price
quote. Haim

33 Calle 27-01 Zona 12
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala CA 01012
Tel 011-502-442-5226 442-1800 442-1810
Fax 011-502-442-0898