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Looking for contract casting & finishing


Looking for a shop doing high quality piece work to cast and finish
sterling silver designs from our Berkshire Collection. Small runs.
Will supply molds or rough castings. click on gem &
jewelry gallery then Berkshire collection.

Visit our online gallery:


Hi Richard Our factory is located in Guatemala City ( Central
America). We produce in gold and/or silver. You can see a sample of
our goods at We can take care of entering the goods
for you via Houston and then FedEx them to you. If you are coming to
the JA - show in N. Y., our Booth 2040-2042 (Jan 26-28). What is a
small run? You can contact me off line so I can get you a price
quote. Haim

33 Calle 27-01 Zona 12
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala CA 01012
Tel 011-502-442-5226 442-1800 442-1810
Fax 011-502-442-0898