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Looking for CAD education

CAD education Help wanted!!! Hello, my name is Adam Neeley and I am
currently looking to attend the BEST possible CAD jewelry design
program avalible nationally or internationally. I am looking for
training with Rhino, either in a school or one-on-one. I am a G.G.
and I have design training from the European jewelry school, Le Arti
Orafe. I am willing to travel anywhere and have a strong passion for
the jewelry industry. I greatly appreciate any advice you can give me
on people, institutes, positions, and programs. Thanks so much,
grazie mille!

Doesn’t GIA train with Matrix now? That’s as we all know Rhino

Dear Adam,

The leading CAD program in the US is at Tyler School of Art in
Philadelphia, under the leadership of Stanley Lechtzin. Stanley has
been exploring the digital environment of more than 20 years and has
made it a central part of the program at Tyler. The facilities are
excellent and from what I could tell in my day there as a visiting
artist, there is a very high level of dialog on the subject.

While some other schools have brought CAD/CAM into their programs in
recent years, none in the US to my knowledge has done so with the
depth and commitment of Tyler.

I suggest you Google (I don’t have the address on this computer, try
Tyler School of Art, CAD/CAM) them and find their website. Each grad
student is required to do a website as part of their thesis, so
there is lots to see. You could also go to the SNAG site at and look under schools. It’s an excellent
resource for all kinds if info.

Good luck with your hunt,
Don Friedlich

Contact Brain at, he is a certified Rhino
instructor, he teaches the Rhino class at the New Approach School in
Virginia Beach and gives private classes if you live near his area
close to Phily. He can also help with setting up CNC machining, who
to get parts grown by, etc. Good luck.

You need to get trained at Go take it its course
and the get the program, I reccommend with the highest compliments!