[Looking for] Briollettes in color

Hi All; One of our sales people has a customer interested in
briollete cut colored drilled, perticularly aquamarine
and amethyst. Size about 10mm X 5mm. Anyone seen a source for such

David L. Huffman

Hi David, Try Taj on 48th st. in New York. His phone number is
800-325-0825 and (212)944 6330

Diane Sadel

Hey David, I just got back from Philly and Baltimore, and this nice
guy named Steve came to my booth with a ton of great briolettes. Very
nice cuts and quality, in just about everything you can
imagine…uh…except diamonds. You can reach him at…what
else…lol : http://briolettes.com/ The stones are top drilled, not
tip drilled. safer, and less risk of that leeeeetle tiny tip breaking
off because something is threaded through it. Hope this helps. Shows
seemed to be down by about half, although the low end and very high
end didn’t seem to be much afected. Flying was another story, and
I’ll post about that later. I am still laughing at the astounding

Lisa, (Hot in PA, hot in MD, reeeeeeeally hot in Topanga…ai yi yi…)

David, I have a source for you that may be just what you need…all
briollettes in almost every color and gemstone. Tom Cushman, PO Box
918, Sun Valley, ID 83353. (208) 762-3675. Tom will also custom
cut briollettes for you.

Tell 'em I sent ya! (with the usual disclaimers…)
Doug Zaruba

There is a site that has nothing but briolettes in color - go to
www.briolettes.com and be delighted.

The cutter and site owner is Steve Green, one of the Colorado rock
stars. Colorado has a fabulous collection of award winning gem
cutters - wouldn’t you love to see them at the SNAG conference in
Denver this summer?

Judy Hoch