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[Looking for] Boston information

i am soon graduating from college with a jewelry degree, and moving
to Boston. so i am also looking for some about the area
for a business class, i am putting together a mock business plan, and
am just curious about what i am getting myself into. so if anyone
would be willing to talk to me, it would be greatly appreciated! dont
worry, i wont be the competition for about a decade! hehe. thanks for
any help you all can offer! brittany

Hello Brittany: By all means, the first contact you should make
should be with a chapter of S.C.O.R.E. in the Boston area. SCORE
stands for Service Corps of Retired Executives. Check this site: This is a free service, offered by retired
business people willing to donate their time to guide new businesses
into existence. You should also look up the local chapter of the
Small Business Association. These are usually formed on a state by
state basis, for example, the Massachusetts Small Business
Association. Good Luck

David L. Huffman