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[Looking for] Approach galleries

Hi, I design Celtic style jewellery I have been doing so for a few
years as a hobby. More recently I decided to turn it into a business.
At the moment I only design, however I am starting a silversmithing
course soon so that I can learn to craft the pieces aswell as design(
If I’m any good at it) In the mean time I have found a goldsmith to
craft the pieces for me. I have had a lot of commissions including one
for an engagemant ring for a fairly exclusive Jewellers in London. I
am in the process of producing a cash flow forecast(yuk)for my
business plan and funding. I have worked out including overheads
salary etc that I will need to sell 100+ pieces a month, mainly
pendants, earings, cufflinks and rings. Pieces ranging in price from
�30.00 upwards. If I approach enough galleries and outlets is this a
realistic goal or not. If anyone can help it would be much
appreciated. Many Thanks, Karen