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Looking for an odd diamond

Hi guys, A good friend of mine is looking for a diamond. She is a
G.G., and as she has always told me, she only deals in the highest
quality large stones. However, this time, she needs something a
liiiittle different from her norm and she’s stuck. I am thinking
that maybe one of you kind folk could help. Diamond she wants should
be as follows:

57-65 point
5-6mm round
spread stone
big table
around k quality..decent
eye clean..

In other words, nothing fancy, and she needs it to look bigger than
it is. I haven’t asked what the heck she would want such a thing
for, but she does have teenage sons. Sounds like a flashy rapper’s
stud earring to me. Anyway, I am in LA, and so is she. Please write
off list if you can help. I will not be taking any financial cut in
this. Thanks for the help again.

Lisa, (dang chickens have stopped laying because of the cold snap,
rotten clucks. Gotta buy eggs!! Aaarrgh!) Topanga, CA USA

I think Namano would have what your friend is looking for including,
price range, etc. I’ve been happy with their quality - I’m guessing
she would be happier with their lesser quality No connection - just a
happy customer.

	they are located in Georgia.