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Looking for an apprenticeship

Hi, I am a graduated jewellery designer /silversmith, and currently
looking for an apprenticeship or a bench worker position, anywhere
in the world. If my passion wants to go to America, America it will
be!!! Could someone help me find it please!?!?

birgit Leleu
vlamertingsestraat 23
Vlamertinge west-vlaanderen 8908 Belgium

Birgit,There are positions advertised on this site very often,
mostly for experienced goldsmiths, jewelers, and excellent
craftspeople. If you go back in the archives over the last 6 months,
there have been at least 10- 15, they can mostly be found by
searching, “job offer” in the archives, some of them are still
current, and as you will see. Desire and excellent craftsmanship
are the main requirements of an apprenticeship type position, so
don’t make your decisions on ads seen, always email, call or visit
the prospective employer. There was also a thread called “certified
bench jeweler” that many experienced jewelers and modelmakers chimed
in on in feb. that you might want to check out, if you’re new to
this forum. Also there are many job search engines on the net that
have jobs sometimes, there names are somewhere around also. But if
i was you i might search back even a year or 2 in the archives for
all the past jobs that were offered, to see if any have reopened
because there have been many ads that have been placed again due to
one reason or another, and i have seen some excellent webs from
some of these offers, some real high end, artistic work, that
might be worth your time to investigate. As a closing aside, there
was also a thread on apprenticeships in europe a while back, stating
that apprenticeships are very big over there, i think it was
germany, maybe, another avenue.dp