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[Looking for] An appraiser in Manhatten

I have a client who recently moved to New York and is looking for a
jewelry appraiser in Manhattan. She doesn’t want to just open the
phone book but is looking for someone to give fair replacement value
appraisals. Anyone got any referrals? Thanks Frank Goss

Not Manhattan, but in Brooklyn:

2216 Ryder St.  
Brooklyn, NY  11234 USA 
718/692-1975  [FAX: 718/692-3720] 
Elly Rosen 

Ex-ISA instructor, very well known in the jewelry trade for over 30
years. One of the very finest.


A member of orchid had given out this site to go to a few months
back. It is the website of the American Society
of Appraisers and an appraiser can be located by state , city, and

Diane Sadel

I cannot recommend strongly enough that you contact the
International Society of Appraisers (1-888-472-4732, or ) or the American Society of Appraisers
( ). Appraising is a profession, not a side
bar. These two groups are dedicated to maintaining the
professionalism, integrity, and legal education needed to provide
accurate and substantial appraisals.

I’m curious to see if I open a can of worms here. In the USA a
person needs to be licensed to appraise real estate. In order to
appraise jewelry, or antiques, or any thing else- all you need is a
sign that says “I’m an appraiser!” I assume that this fact is what
inspired the original request to locate a good appraiser.

I recently attended a workshop on appraising for the gem artist
given by Charles Ellias, who is on the Executive Committee of the
International Society of Appraisers International Board of
Directors. I must say it was more informative than I expected. The
main point he conveyed was “Appraisers do not set value, they only
report it.” He spoke at length concerning the legal and ethical
considerations that many people who write appraisals are unaware of.
We were given a 30 page booklet that he produced for consumers that
includes a list of 24 questions to ask a prospective appraiser to
help you determine their qualifications. We were also shown the
tome that he wrote specifically for appraisers.

The other intriguing bit of that was particularly
interesting to me as a working gem artist was the fact that, from a
legal standpoint, the only person who can set the value of a work of
art by a living artist IS THE ARTIST HIM(HER)SELF. In order for
anyone to write an appraisal of one of my works they must contact me
directly. You learn something new every day.

– Epaul Fischer Gryphon Song Creations