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Looking for American Facetor Parts


All most thirty years ago, I had an American Facetor Machine to cut
replacement stones, I have Left it setting on the shelf for all that
time and now wish to reuse it for a customers special item with a
chipped stone, the customer would like to use the same stone for
personal reasons and I started looking at the machine as the solution,
but the belts are out of shape and the motor is a little out of prime.
Does anyone on the list know of a source of American Facetor Parts?


Wm. Wren

Hi ! Wm. If you will Subscribe to( ) you
can find all you want about the American Factor. at last count I had
we have over 2000 members . here some time back we had a discussion
on the number of Faceting Machines that has been build’t over the last
50 years or so , I have been at over 40 years myself. Just tell Bob
Keller a little about your self and that you want to join this bunch
of nuts. tell him Bill D. said that and l am sure you will enjoy the

Bill Denard
Nacogdoches, Texas

Mr. Wren:

American Facetor has been out of business a long time, and, in
discussions on the faceting lists, I have never seen anyone come up
with a source for parts. However, for a belt and a motor overhaul,
you might try Grainger’s or some of the other typical suppliers in
your town. A belt to fit could probably be found, and the motor
probably has not died from sitting, and if it was working when it was
put up, may need brushes or lubrication. If it is gone, a
replacement might be found from Grainger’s.

IF you will post to the AFMS faceter’s list, someone there may have
run into the same problem and could advise you.

HTH, Roy