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Looking for a wax pen

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone please give me recommendations for buying a replacement
wax pen? My old Dick Ells give up after about 25 years.

The on line reviews I’m reading indicate what is currently offered
is on the flimsy side.

I need something that can put in a full day’s work, day in and day
out. What are people using these days that gives good service?

Thanks very much! Debbie in So CA


I have been use a Pepe Tools Touch a Matic wax pen for about 8 years.
I use if for sprueing and for build up modelling. It appears a little
flimsy but It has continued to work without any problems for all that
time. The temperature control is a little finicky. I find that for
all the waxes I use from soft modelling waxes to hard injection and
carving waxes I am working at the lower end of its range of control.
I like the touch switching on the pen. It is much more convenient
than a foot switch. I have a fair selection of tips but I find I do
most of my work with three of them.

All the best

Jennifer Gow
Tears of the Moon Artisan Jewellery

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