Looking for a Repair Jeweler

Hello All, I am looking to find a Repair Jeweler or company that is
seeking work. I am based in the Malden, MA area. I am a Sales Rep
and come across several jobs that I do not have time for. (Example:
jobs like removing and old 6 prong head with a cz and replacing it
with a new 14kt white gold 6 prong head and set a Moissanite into
the same ring, then clean the ring up and re-polish)…If any
jewelers are in this line of business or are looking to make extra
money, please contact me at @MoissaniteRep. I would need a
price list faxed to me, if possible with Keystone pricing because my
customers may need to see the list. I need help immediately and
would like to discuss with the right jeweler or company. Thank you,