Looking for a Rep

Hi everyone, I’m a female machiniste/jewelry designer with a
newly developed line of machined stainless steel/
titanium/gemstones from Sarasota Florida. I’m visiting Peter here
in L.A. and setting up some stores with my line and
surreptitously joining your forum Peter speaks so highly of.

Having spent much time on the road and realizing I prefer to
make jewelry to selling it, I’m interested in finding a good rep
and don’t have the slightest clue as to how this is done. Can
anyone tell me how one goes about finding a good rep. and what
constitutes a mutually beneficial contract, and what I should
look for, or what I should avoid?

hi i am a jeweler working in 18 kt and platinum and don’t have
the time i need to service the accounts that i have. i believe
the best way to find a sales rep is to ask the stores that you
sell to who they think is doing a good job and see if the
recommended sales people are willing to take on another
designers work. your other option is to advertise in trade
journals that salesmen read. you can tell which magazine works
by where every one else advertises. etienne@etienneperret.com

Best Wishes,