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Looking for a heavy plater

hello folks!

I am based in NYC but I am looking for a great gold plater and they
can be anywhere usa- if the price is right and their work is great I
will ship.

my current plater HEAVY PLATES my sterling and sterling with mix
surgical steel pieces in 18K. The plating is great - I have pieces he
plated 10 years ago and they are as good as new! The problem he gets
flaky and he is about to retire. So I need back up fast!

Take care,

Give Red Sky Plating a ring, they have done quite a lot of work for
me and the results have always been great. They are one of the Rio
Grande Companies.

Red Sky Plating @ Ganoksin

Help others make informed buying decisions with Red Sky Plating. We
welcome your opinions and experiences with their products, ordering,
customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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I LOVE the work that Marco Delano does!!! He’s at 50 West 47th
Street, down in the basement.

Judy Shaw

Dede - I had great success with 18k plating over sterling (vermeil)
with Cal-Mart Plating Co in Los Angeles.

They were very helpful and explained the normal plating thickness
is in microns and then did a heavy 18k yellow gold plate for me
because I wanted to be sure it would not wear off the brooches I was
having plated.

Cal-Mart Plating Co
404 W. 7th, Suite 524
Los Angeles, CA 90014.

(213) 623-6987

Sheridan Reed