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[Looking for] A good show

I am looking for some good shows, that aren’t too late to get into
this year, that have reasonable booth fees - under $1000. I live in
New Mexico, but am willing to travel. I have done some shows in this
area, but would like to expand from small arts and crafts shows, to
ones that may pull in gallery owners and more potential buyers My
jewelry is silver and gold and is often described as organic. Any
suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Lori Swartz

Lori & All,

My first choice would be G+LW, second would be Gem Faire. Both draw
a crowd of mid level jewelry store owners, curio store owners, and
gallery owners. You must be willing to sell wholesale and have a
significant inventory to make it worth your while.

Tucson is the “Big Dance.” Booths are high, but it is the only show
I know where buyers comes solely to buy. Almost all the buyers at
Tucson are store owners or gallery owners. At other shows attendees
come to stay in contact with the trade. If you are a serious
gemstone cutter or jewelry maker Tucson is a must. It is the only
show I have ever done where buyers come that buy whole lines of
products. A single buyer can purchase all you have made of one line.
Some vendors have sold their entire booth to one customer.

Gerry Galarneau
New Website being developed - all custom gemstones
Updates being posted weekly

Lori, The Crafts Report Magazine has a new service called showfinder.
The info: I hope this helps.

Heather “I really should be at my bench” Henry