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Looking for a booth rental in NYC

I’m having a logistics dilemna, and hoping that some of you more
experienced atists can help me out.

In June I=92m committed to 2 shows, back to back, east coast/west
coast: ACAC @ Lincoln Center (June 5 and 6) and the other in Santa
Monica (June 11, 12 and 13). I do NOT at this time have the luxury
of owning two booths, hence my problem.

My plan is to fly from Phoenix to NY for Lincoln Center and upon my
return, drive from Phoenix to Santa Monica. My original plan is to
ship everything to my hotel in NY - then taxi to the spot, which will
be no small task, as I will have to find a van or stationwagon to get
everything there in one trip.

As I=92m checking my inventory and packing today, I realized, not only
do I have to ship my tent along with the booth, but also the weights!
(Where to find weights in NYC - are gallon jugs of water enough?? -
I’m having visions of water jugs hanging everywhere in my tent so
that it won’t fly away with a storng wind!)

I realize there is no inexpensive solution, but regarding logistics,
there HAS to be an easier way.

Is there anyone storing a jeweler=92s booth with Art in Motion who
would be willing to rent it to me for Lincoln Center (June 5 and 6)?
I would pay Art in Motion the cost of delivery and pick-up, plus a
fee for the weekend rental.

OR, is there anyone in the NY City area that would be willing to
rent their booth?

I can plan out the rest of the year without this problem.
Obviously, if I decide to keep coming to the east coast, I need to
buy a second booth. However, if anyone can help me out for this
particular show, please contact me. I would appreciate any advice or
help of any kind.

Thank you!

Hi Cynthia,

When I did the Lincoln Center shows, I rented my booth from a
company in NJ. I don’t remember their name but I got it from the ACAC
promoters. That’s the way to go: They set up the booth (I rented
chairs too), complete with weights, and tore it down afterwards. The
price was reasonable as I recall (but that was 3-4 years ago). If
you have trouble getting the info from ACAC, let me know and I’ll go
back through my records.

Otherwise, yes, jugs of water will work. I don’t know exactly how
many you’ll need but I’m sure someone else here will.

See you in June at CCM! Beth