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Looking for a beginner's project book

I am currently an apprentice jeweler at a popular “galleria of jewelry”. There is not as much training on the bench as I thought there would be and I am looking to learn to bench work in my free time. I have bought some general books on techniques but I would enjoy a project book to worth through to build my skills. Thank you for your time.

I have "Professional Goldsmithing: " by Alan Revere and recommend it highly, but there is a newer version I have not seen, “Professional Jewelry Making” by Alan Revere that is revised and updated.

Neil A


you might like this book.
(anyone else have comments about it too?)

hardcover- $42.50


Hi again,

great fabrication book


Hi again,

thus is a good projects book with simpler projects than Codina. (not sure where you are at in skill level)


Hi again,

if you are open to suggestions other than books, i would also suggest you take a look at the online jewelry training website called Jewelry Training Solutions, by Peter Keep out of Australia.

you can purchase a single video lesson, with access for one year, or a monthly or annual access subscription to various packages of videos, based on skill level.

these seem more related to bench work, perhaps

there are some free videos there as well as on youtube, some with instructor Sohan Harrison for the simpler projects, that you can sample.

Peter Keeps videos are very good in my opinion.


Thank you for the recommendations. I have picked up Professional Jewelry Making because i have heard such good things. I also ordered Indian Jewelry Making because the equipment costs seems doable for me according to reviews.


great choices!

The Revere book has approx 30 projects, which is more than most other books!

The Indian Jewelry Book will get you doing down and dirty fabrication, in repetition, to get some “mileage” under your belt!

exciting! have fun!