[Looking 4] White plastic gem box

Hello Guys,

I have searched for hours for a gem box. It seemed that a lot of the
gem dealers in Tucson this year were using them. It is white plastic
box - 30mm x 30mm x 16mm with a glass top and foam insert (black and
white - reversable). I have seen an option for a clear plastic
insert for the gem to rest on and look its best. The one example that
I have is stamped Made in India and “SD”. They seem to be very well
made as opposed to the ones out there with the cloth faced insert or
worse, the open fiber cotton pad. Any suggestions would be

Thanks, Dan


I just received my second order of plastic gem boxes from Riogrande.
www.riogrande.com Price is good. quality is good. arrived from half
way round the world in less than 72 hours. If you are in USA then I
imagine much quicker.