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[Looking 4] Used tools & equiptment

I am interested in purchasing used tools and equiptment. I am
planning to purchase the store that I am currently employed. Some of
the things I need most are a rolling-mill, polishing motors, lap
motor, polishing hoods (dust collectors), and a double bench. If
anyone has any of these items for sale, or knows of anyone that does
I would be interested. I am in New Jersey and would be willing to
pay for shipping if practical.

Michael Bartorelli G.G.

Attn Micheal from New Jersey.

I am located at the Northern end of Garden State Parkway a little
north of Exit 172. I do have a double bench (butcher block), Dust
Collector, Hood, Polishing Motor & rolling mill. I do not have any
lapping machine. I will be away in Tucson. Contact me when I am back.
Feb 18th. If you want any prices I can let you know please e-mail me
what you would need first. Are you within driving range? Then you can
save a lot by just driving over. Kenneth Singh

Hi Michael,

You might give Jay Pullam at Jewel Tools a call . His phone number
is 573-380-1910. He deals in used equipment for the jewelry industry.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair

Along the same lines, for those of you in the Seattle area,
Creations in Gold is selling their jewelry making tools and equipment.
You can call Herta Grenzner at (206) 283-3614 from 10:30 to 6:00
tuesday thru friday.