[Looking 4] SS Ring

I am looking for a supplier of a ring blank. A friend has asked
me to set an oval cabochon he has had for a few years in a ring.
The cab has an unusual size of 17mm x 15mm and he wants it bezel
mounted in a very plain men’s sterling ring. I have looked
through many catalogs and performed web searches without finding
anything close.

My skills are primarily with lapidary with the silversmithing
limited to repairs and setting the finished stones. I do not
have the equipment or skills to create the blank myself.
Therefore, I hope someone reading this message knows of a source
for such a ring blank, or can create one for me at a reasonable

Gary VanGelder

Dear Gary: The standard size is 18X13 I have some of them in a
sterling flat top ring, other then that you will need to contact
some one to custom cast the ring. Ernie Phelps,

Gary, I’m sure you will get plenty of positive response from
your quest! My primary business is making one of a kind jewelery.
Your setting sounds pretty simple and inexpensive. I could make
the ring by fabricating or by casting. By casting method I would
have to make a wax model, which could be sent to you for your
friends approval. Thus taking the guess work out of the design.
If your interested, give me a shout. Thomas Blair Island Gold
Works…@isgoldwks…Some of my award winning
designs are on my website…http://IGW.jewelernet.com

My long shot hope was that someone knew of a manufacture of a
blank to the exact size needed (easy way out). I had plenty of
positive responces from individuals like yourself that were
willing to custom produce one for me. I found a flat top blank in
one of my catalogs that is close enough in size to fabricate a
bezel top on. That is within my capabilities. If this option does
not work out, I will get back in touch with those who offered to
quote a custom job.

Thanks to you and all the others that replied.

Gary VanGelder