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[Looking 4] Sales rep in Ontario Canada

I am a goldsmith looking for a sales rep in Ontario Canada to sell my
line of reticulated silver jewellery? Does anyone know how to go
about finding a sales reps. The only ones I have found sell
commercial jewellery not fine craft.


I know a lot of small up-and-coming fashion houses turn to equally
’nimble’ marketing firms which rep and market client products. I’m
not sure where you are located but Toronto is full of small,
versatile companies who would be able to customize a program for you.
Most ‘contract’ sales companies are very expensive, and do not help
you analyze your market and marketing.

Another benefit of the smaller firms is that they are generally
youthful, energetic and eager to carve out their place in the market
creating sales for you.

Ryan Taylor - Toronto

Hi Deborah,

you may want to try Craigs List…it is a website where you can place
ads…I have had some luck with it. There is also a site called Rep
Locate, but you have to pay for it. I myself have found more reliable
people on Craigslist.

Another idea is to go into some stores and ask the buyers if they can
put you in contact with a good rep. It is HARD to find someone who is
really good and knows the business well. I wish you the best of luck!

Laura :slight_smile: