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[looking 4] Punch


Do any of the Orchid members know of where I might be able to
get a punch made in the form of a signature. For hallmarking
purposes in Ireland we are restricted to block letters , upper or
lower case , and you may use any combination provided that it is
not in use allready. this mark is then struck on all jewellery
that you produce or import for the next ten years, after which
time you have to reapply for your sponsor mark. I hope to get a
punch made in signature form to apply to my jewellery after it
has been assayed, just to give it a more easily recognised and
personal mark .

Any help would be appreciated,
Many thanks,
Neil KilBane


I have had very good luck with clock repair stamps, id coding
assigned here in the states. The company I used is

Microstamp Corp
2770 E. Walnut Street
Pasadena Ca 91107
Phone 626-793-9489
web site

Cost has been about $79 dollar US for a stamp, they do offer a number
of std sizes. hope this helps

Barb McLaughlin
Taylor River Jewelry Designs
Stratham, NH USA


I use a company in Las Vagas, Nevada, called "Harper Manufacturing"
1-702-735-8467. They will make any size or design stamp.Only drawback
is that they are very Hope this helps, John A. Carey


Hi everybody, I also used Microstamp in Pasadena for my own personal
stamp. I have never been happier with a piece of tooling. I had my
name put on it, and I have stamped 1000’s of pieces with it and it
still works perfectly, I had it made about 4 years ago. Susan Chastain


Hi niel, i havn’t had any personalised punches made myself but my
jewelry suplier can make them up ,apparently you draw any design you
want and they make the punch , i did inquire once and they quoted
about $100-$160 ausie dollors, if you want any more info please email
me, stewart, @stewart_hornibrook


Dear Mr. Bane,

My favorite source for marking tools (both quality and hallmarks) is
Microstamp. There number is 626-793-9489, (fax) 626-793-9491.If you
fax them a camera ready image of the stamp you want, they will
reproduce it in the size you wish. They will also ask if want a
straight or bent (ring) stamp. Good Luck, Deborah Ringhaver Lane

 Do any of the Orchid members know of where I might be able to get a
punch made in the form of a signature.  

Neil, Try the friendly, talented folks at Microstamp, 2770 Walnut
St. Pasadena, CA 91107- 3754 U S of A. (800)-243-3543 or fax them
at (626)-793-9491, or catch them online at:
They have a brochure available an offer all sorts of custom stamps.
Good Luck! Mike


Neil, I had my signature made using a company called microstamp in
Pasadena CA. They make the finest marks I have seen, so sharp all
you need to do is press with hand pressure (unless you really want a
deep impression). The address is 2770 E Walnut Street, Pasadena CA
91107. Phone number is 800-243-3543 Or 818-793- 9489. It is a
mighty stretch from Ireland but like I say, they have done the best
by me, and I’ve tried quite a few other companies.

Larry Seiger


Neil, I’ve made my own mark punches. The smallest one has a size of
1.5 to 1 mm and contains HMJ. I have etched the signature mirror wise
on some punches by the following way:

Buy some steel (HSS) or other good industrial punches. Good ones last
a lifetime and can also be used in titanium. Grind on top the size of
the mark you want to have. Polish that area and degrease the tip. Take
etching-ground or for small punches a waterproof felt pen and color
the punch tip. Scratch in with a sharp pin and steady hand your wanted
mark (it takes some practice especially on small ones) Now etch the tip
in for example the following solution

in weight parts         7 water
                            		3 sulfuric acid
                            		1 nitric acid

Always add the acid in to the water and keep your safety measures

You have experience with the time of etching, because this depends on
the concentration of acid and the quality of the steel you are using.
Normally it takes only 3-15 minutes. If, after etching, the grooves are
not nice , dilute your etch solution with some water and try again.

Good luck

Martin Niemeijer

Some extra questions?


I sent Spark’s a drawing and two sets of dimensions. They did well by
me for $80-85 each a couple of years ago.

Sparks Steel Stamps
(718) 729-7506
map  3726 34th St,
Long Island City, NY


Hello all! Missed the beginning of this thread. If the need is for
gooseneck hallmark stamps, here is another business to check with.
Sossner’s steel stamps 1-800-828-9515. They used to send you a handy
form, to fine tune what your stamp should look like finished. Size,
type style, curve (choose size six, rock back and forth for larger
rings) were covered with this form. They probably have online support
now, hopefully. Nice people to deal with and affordable… at least
in 83’ they were! Tim


Do any of the Orchid members know of where I might be able to
get a punch made in the form of a signature.

Hi Neil

I got mine from Harper Manufacturing in Las Vegas, NV USA and am
totally pleased. It was a simple stamp (“Brad”) in a standard font
and size and cost around US$45. They have a range of fonts to choose
from, so ask them to send you a fax. They also have ready-made stamps
like “Sterling” and can make stamps directly from your signature or

Harper Manufacturing is at 3050 Westwood Dr #B-5, Las Vegas, NV 89109
USA Their phone number is 800 776-8407

PS - they don’t have a web site yet