[Looking 4] Finest tanzanites

Hi all, We have a serious call for a matched pair of 7 to 8mm
round tanzanites. Only the finest deep color will do for this
job. This used to be a relatively easy find. Since the flooding
of the mines, however… Please E-mail off line if you can help.

Ken Weston

Hi Ken,

I spent several months looking for a fine quality 7mm round Tanzanite
for a young lady who wanted it to be her engagement stone. After
several months of searching, and a great deal of effort, I was unable
to find one in time to help her.

If anyone can find a matched pair of these stones for you it will be
Olympic Mountain Gems http://www.omgems.com . They are resourceful
folks…and they take a personal interest in their customers. They
were not able to find a round Tanzanite large enough to meet my needs

  • but they did find an oval stone which could have been recut to the
    correct size. My friend couldn’t afford that option. Perhaps your
    customer can. (The owners of Olympic Mountain are not my family
    members, I’ve never worked for them, I do not own stock in their
    company, and I have no intention of marrying one of their
    daughters… I’m simply a very satisfied repeat customer.)

I hope this helps! (We do, by the way, have at least one rough gem
dealer from Tanzania on the Orchid list. Since the mine collapse,
however, I suspect you’ll have a better chance of finding large stones
here in the United States than in Tanzania. I could be wrong…so I
encourage you to explore that option as well.)


Hi Ken,

We have an excellent 7.0 mm Tanzanite on consignment at our Site. To
see this stone, use the following site address:

When you get the site up, click on the Tanzanite Link. This stone is
of especially nice color and brightness.

Email us if you wish more details.