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Looking 4 aquamarine

Does anyone know of a source for a 6mm square aquamarine? I am
looking for better to excellent quality. Thanks,

Joel Schwalb

You could try KGI Inc. They are based in N.Y. (212) 764 2345. Ifind
their services good andprices reasonable Nilesh.

Joel, You may have significant trouble finding a deep blue aqua on
todays market. I have seen several nice deep blue parcels, but the
price is way too high for me to play. $100,000+ a parcel. If I
find some at a price that I can play you will find the cut stones on
my website. I have plenty of medium aqua,
but no dark gem grade.

Gerry Galarneau

Gerry, I’m used to being a little negative (and find it quite to the
point often) however there is nice dark aqua material out there. It
may not be available in the quantities that you, as a cutter, want
to buy it in, but for those of us making custom jewelry it is
available at the right sources (actually I emailed Joel a source off
line and believe that he may have gotten some material he might use).

Daniel R. Spirer, GG
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140