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[Long YAK] Success at Sizing a Ring the Hard Way

I want to Thank all those who gave me wonderful, creative, practical
and encouraging advice on the how to size the “Ring of Stones.” I
thought I’d take a minute of your time and tell you what finally
happened. After reading all the advice at least three times, I
thought I would go ahead and try to solder the inner ring in four
places. Something kept me from doing that, because I just knew that
something would go wrong. I was especially concerned that even if
the solder flowed properly, and didn’t get all over the bezels, and
even if the stones were not damaged, that there was a real
possibility that the fine silver inner ring would melt down in one or
another place. So I decided I would prefer to go with the laser
welding idea. That would relieve me of great uncertainty and
responsibility. The problem was that I didn’t know anyone who did
laser welding. So after several weeks of obsessing on the problem, I
had to go to the casting people to drop off a mold (luckily I’m in
New York and all these people are in the jewelry district). I asked
Mr. Casting-man about a laser welder and he suggested I go upstairs
in his building to a particular man he know who he thought could do
it for me. Upstairs I went, found the place, rang the bell, was let
in after scrutiny through two separate sets of doors to find a nice
man who looked at my ring and said–“Don,t even try to solder it, the
only was to go is Laser Welding,” but he doesn’t have one so can’t
help me. “Do you know someone who does?” I asked. After thinking
awhile a looking through his address list, he gave me the names of
Les and Derek and said go to this number in that building and ask for
them. They have a Laser Welder. So off I trouped, up the block and
up to the 12th floor to the place he sent me. Another set of bells,
doors and scrutiny and I was let Into the place (I think I must look
pretty harmless). “Sorry.” they said, “no-one here by those names,
maybe it was the tenants before us but we don’t know where they are
now. " Check with the Security Man in the lobby, he may know. So
down to the Lobby and asked the security man. Oh Yes, he knows where
they are. Go to the 16th floor, door on the left. So up to the 16th
floor, rang bell, blind in little window opens and lady asks what I
want. I tell her, including my name and who sent me. OK–two more
doors (they are like air-locks) and I meet the right gentlemen. I
tell them my problem and one of them says,” Yes, we have a Laser
Welder, but it doesn’t work to well on Silver. " I look really
disappointed, so he says," well let me try it. " Asks me to wait in
the Hallway for 10 minutes or so, which I do obediently. Within ten
minutes, lady opens window that looks onto hallway and hands me
ring–beautifully done–perfect. Charges me $10.00 which may seem
like a lot for being welded in four little places, but I am thrilled
and very relieved that I don’t have to go home and solder it. End of
story. Successful. Thank you all. Sandra